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Erik Sullivan

Erik Sullivan


Currently we are experiencing an overwhelming rate in which we as a human race are advancing in science and technology. Due to these experiences it has become impossible for me not to become fascinated with the questions revolving around the complexities and controversial attempts of defining the conscious self. 

I find myself consistently captivated by how the subconscious mind is conditioned through our social, political, and economical experiences, and how heavily they influence our actions, thoughts, and emotions. Yet most often, the subconscious mind goes unrecognized and unchallenged, and we accept it despite its conflict with the conscious mind set. 

Through the creative process I have been able to better understand the distinctions between these two very different states of mind and how to influence and manipulate them. Although my work varies in mediums and content, there is always a rooted emphasis on challenging the viewer with thought provoking visuals to engage and investigate their own identity and awareness of thought patterns.