Gallery 101

Greg Traw and Justin Taylor


Greg Traw

“This show is an amalgam of my obsessions running through an Ampeg SVT-Classic and a wall of cabs with 18” woofers.”


I long for an open collective understanding and blending of tangible and intangible experiences.  My art is about creating imaginative systems of subjective logic that reside somewhere between empiricism, poetry and poker.  Each work is an inquiry into any number of ideas I am obsessing about at any given time.  It is not my intention to provide a discerning understanding of a singular idea but how a series of ideas interact and correlate with each other in often messy contradiction.   I hope to entertain, enlighten and pose honest questions from the revered to the reviled.  The possibilities are so infinite.  By expressing an amalgam of haphazard ideas through art, my wish is that viewers will begin to deconstruct what we normally perceive in new, creative ways.  To visualize and hack into their own realities.  Let the opulent, absurd circus sideshow begin…

Justin Taylor

"I am seeking a new perspective on life today, one that will provide the information I need to navigate this life with more clarity. "


Once the sun has set and I’m alone with my thoughts, the darkness poses the question: What is the purpose of my work? I believe that art has the potential to provide the viewer the same energy that is channeled into it. My work’s potential is then limited to the energy that I possess. In light of that I have dedicated my life to my work. Each moment of my life alters my composition; the cells in my body, the intangible energies that I am made of, the well that I draw from for my paintings. I live each day to put the most beneficial energy into my work, so that it will provide that benefit in return for those who spend time with it.

I have recently joined the conversation about Biocentrism. Each day I feel a bit uneasy about being human. My way of life is such a mystery to me, as I know very little about what preceded me and what exists today. I can feel that society contradicts and violates our nature and while I search for reasons to explain the conditions of life I find nothing that satisfies.

I am seeking a new perspective on life today, one that will provide the information I need to navigate this life with more clarity. I have been approaching this problem of finding a new perspective by looking at the connections between disparate phenomena. For example, I believe that there may be some answers to many of my greatest problems in the threads that connect cat litter and topographical maps. I create these relationships in my work for the viewer to think about also.

In addition to disparate phenomena I am searching for truth and clarity in opposites. I work to achieve a new perspective by maintaining views that oppose of my own. Once I can identify a belief of my own I try to conceive its opposition. By exercising actions that come from this opposing view I experience life backwards as I would see it. This behavior occurs in my work and often leads to more interesting compositions than I originally conceive.

Through these devices I live and through these devices I work. I wish for my work to help bring all beings true peace and true happiness.