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Meet the Artists of the Super Salon


Shannen Muhl

"There is art, nothing else"

Shannen Muhl is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and co-owner of Gallery IOI,  based in Portland Oregon. Shannen strives to find a balance between composition and emotive intuition in his work. While he tends to strongly use his history of depression and anxiety as source content, Shannen also has a strong interest in formalism, exploring technical methods, theories of color, composition, and mediums. He works to utilize the power and aesthetics of form, color, and at times sound to influence a psychological contemplation from the viewer.


Kelly Murphy

"Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination, and encourages people to go further." - Kieth Haring

Kelly is a Portland based self taught interdisciplinary artist, curator and co-owner of Gallery IOI. She incorporates aspects of collage, painting, and sketching to create works that evokes conversations about sexual identity, emotions, trauma, and image of ones self.


Courtney Gallardo

"I make art to process, to connect, and to have fun!"

Courtney Gallardo is a visual artist working with themes surrounding political identity, feminism, and trauma. Through alternative processes and investigations in textiles, as well as feminist and queer theory, her work explores her identity as a queer woman after experiencing abuse. Feminist and queer theory not only influence her via academic research and study, but also through observations of social ideologies and practices. Much of her knowledge of embroidery and fibers is self-taught, and has inspired her to pursue craft and textile studies academically. Gallardo strives to make work that takes expectations of women and “women's work,” namely craft and fiber arts, and attempts to alter it. This work is not only about non-conforming political identity, it is also about defying expectations of art and craft.


Derrick Ramey

"Who did this? ...Well!?"

I love to tell stories and bounce between several mediums telling them. My art style is still developing but I seem to fall between silly cartoons and horror/fantasy. Regardless, I'm not quite put together enough to compose a relevant artist statement. We'll probably need another paragraph at least though.

Currently, I am very interested in human interaction and personal dilemma. Breaking down the tiny decisions a character makes and where that takes them. Exploring the idea of genuinely good intentions through a broken lens. To what degree someone is an entity or an amalgamation of transmitters and receivers. To what degree can one control what they are and if it even matters. Stuff like that.


Jeanne Gutfeld Lucas

"The ocean paints the earth with hues of blue, soothing those who appreciate it. "

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jeanne Gutfeld Lucas has been perfecting her tools for art-making starting at the young age of 4. Her mother and grandmother were water colorist with her grandmother attending The California School Arts and Crafts now known as California College of the Arts. Jeanne has a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreational Therapy and Orthopedic Technology and utilized her art skills for recovery and rehabilitation in spinal injury patients. Now retired and a full time artist, she spends most her hours at the Rainmaker Studios in NW Portland using resin as a tool to bring the appreciation of the open sea into people’s homes.


Eryn Tehan

“Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.” - Claude Monet

Eryn Tehan was raised in Portland, Oregon, and graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s in Journalism. She is best known for her modern, impressionist paintings with bold palette knife textures, and thick applications of intensely colorful oil paint. Her deep connection to the natural world, passion for exploration and sharing experiences, inspires her work.

Wielding only palette knives, Eryn creates chunky, visible thickness, adding to her unique style. One of the goals in her paintings, is to spotlight hidden colors in flora, creating powerful emotional responses and new ways of seeing and experiencing natural beauty.

A painter for only a few short years, she has quickly expanded her career. Of note, she has shown work at Ford Gallery, Alberta Street Gallery, CHP Galleries, Red E. Gallery, and has worked with the Lakewood Center of the Arts, 510 Museum, The Chelsea Hicks Foundation, Step It Up PDX, and the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines. Her time with Alberta Street Gallery led her quickly into the leadership role of Social Media and Web manager. Her work is held in private collections across the United States.


Spencer Freidin


Spencer Freidin is a multimedia artist from California. He currently resides in SE Portland with his partner and two dogs. Much of his work centers on the sacred feminine and he enjoys working with themes central to well known mythology, cultural constructs, and sacred images. I hope that my work invokes a sense of curiosity in the viewer. When viewing my work I hope that there is a story or allegory that forms in the viewers mind.

Jeremiah Kalleck.jpg

Jeremiah Kalleck

"Creativity is an illness."

Jeremiah Kalleck is an artist/musician native to Portland.  Growing up poor in the Pacific Northwest you find ways to entertain yourself.  Since he could walk, hold a pencil, or an instrument, he could be found outside stomping around in puddles or inside making cool stuff.


Roger Stack

“This is all you need in life: a computer, a camera, and a cat.” – Agnès Varda

Roger Stack is a queer artist, working primarily in film and video, both in front of and behind the camera. They direct, shoot, and edit their films, ranging from intimate personal cinema, abstract experimental shorts, and memorable music videos. In addition to film, Roger also does performance art, paints, and composes music.



Kaveh Negahbani

“Paintings are like children... some turn out great, some you wonder about... but they’re all fun to make.”

I’m a linguistics student at Portland State University- but I consider myself an artist. I am classically trained in traditional Persian Art, which sells well in Europe. Pop Art sells better in the States though, and allows me to be more prolific with ideas. 

At the beginning of the summer, I was surprised by a $1000 fee at PSU, putting a hold on my account, and preventing me from signing up for classes. At almost 30, I decided to strip at a location not too far from this venue. I never learned how to pole dance, but I used the opportunity to paint dirty pictures in my underwear. Some were requests from the audience, some were inspired by the men I had the opportunity to work with. I managed to pay off the difference with PSU, and I’m successfully registered for fall term. 

Outside of this series, I am working on a Persian pop-art series. For this upcoming show, I'm illustrating Persian History with authentic artifacts from the time. In this project, I’ve filmed myself working on these elaborate pieces- using old arrowheads as pallet knives, bronze and silver coins to outline forms... and lion claws/shabti dolls as paint brushes.


Hanna Gentile

"Let's all dance and make things."

Hanna Gentile is a multidisciplinary artist in Portland, Oregon. Captivated by dream states, natural cycles, and the human form, her work plays within immersive, theatrical worlds and performs the truths of her female experience. A passionate environmental advocate, she often utilizes landfill-bound waste as a medium to critique consumerism. Ultimately, her practice hopes to empower individuals to create change and inspire communities to foster growth, self-expression, and healing through art.


Gavin Eveland

"You must have passion."

Gavin Eveland is a painter who shatters every notion of what the human form should look like on canvas. Slashed and cropped and pieced back together, along with animals and strange, beastly creatures, the body metamorphosis into dynamic, dream-like experimentations. Scenes emerge with compelling attraction that intermingles danger, intrigue, vulnerability, impulse, desire, passion, aggression, and a deep fascination with multiple facets of human nature.

NS Self Aug 2018.jpg

Nichole Simmons

“I just know that it just frees me — free from the future, free from the past, free from regret, free from worry.” – Jim Carrey

Nichole Simmons received their BS in Art Practices from Portland State University in June 2018 after deciding to leave a career in the tech industry in 2015. Her artwork has been published and exhibited since she started attending Portland State University. With a prominence in expressive and experimental art styles, she embraces any medium she can get her hands on for her art. She tries to bridge the connection between the viewer and the subject portrayed in her art. Working with art makes her feel alive throughout her soul and she is able to get lost within her creative process which is how her art is able to successful.


Jillian River

“sometimes it’s the hardest tasks to start that are the most worthwhile in the end”

Jillian River grew up in a small coastal town in California. While in high school they were encouraged to join the Youth Arts Collective (YAC) by their art teacher. It changed their life and shaped their love for photography. After 4 years at YAC Jillian went off to the Oregon College of Art (then called the Oregon College of Art and Craft) where they studied photography under Mark Rupert and discovered book arts and printmaking. Life intervened and Jillian left art school early to travel Europe and live in San Sebastian, Spain. Upon coming back to the States life took a twist and Jillian found themselves locked in academia at UCSC and art seemed to take a back burner. Upon arriving back in Portland Jillian has been slowly gathering steam to get back into art after a long break. They still find themselves behind the lens, but have also acquired an interest in comic art and currently have a webcomic that they are developing. This will be their first show since returning to Portland in 2017.


Oliver Rock

"learning, mind wanders along my imagination"

I paint to find a different state and build my own reality. Creating a surreal environment with vulnerability is how I find purpose in my art. I hope my viewers are challenged and at times uncomfortable, while thinking "thats really beautiful." Taking a trip from waking life into our imaginations, I like talking with people about paintings because I often connect in a different way than how I normally meet someone "hi how do you do." The art takes us deeper and I appreciate it's enriching nature. I paint from imagination and other times I use references like photos from my phone. I aim for aesthetic appeal and additionally a visceral reaction, a punch in the guts.


Tera Leigh Stenzel

"...and it doesn't matter if it's a work of art, or a taco, or a pair of socks! Just create something... new, and there it is, and it's you, out in the world, outside of you, and you can look at it, or hear it, or read it, or feel it... and you know a little more about... you. A little bit more than anyone else does... " - Hilary Swank in P.S. I Love You

I am a self-taught artist from the Midwest; I moved to the Pacific Northwest almost 10 years ago and I've been in love ever since.

Life, nature and humor have always influenced my art. I gravitate more towards the three dimensional. I like creating something that has mass and life to it--a piece you can look at and think up endless storylines for.


Jon Bordas

"Art gives me community, a voice, an outlet for interjecting into this world, and most importantly - purpose."

I am a 33 year old multidisciplinary artist currently living in Portland, Oregon, constantly utilizing different mediums depending on what I feel will best serve what I wish to communicate through my work.  As a recovering addict, art provides me a therapeutic value which is rivaled by few things.   I am interested in the human condition, our impermanence, life and death, and the relationships we cultivate while we're here - and their importance.  The meditative state I reach while making serves as a tool not only for healing, but for self discovery as well.  Much of my work explores the human figure, formalism, and the basic elements/principles of design - in order to contribute to the visual art/language of our culture.


Patricia Kalidonis


Patricia Kalidonis is a portland-based oil painter. Her recent work is largely driven by her interest in “community.” That has manifested itself in few ways, mainly artwork that explores the “American Family” and home (the small community,) and the urban environment (the large scale community.) She hopes to expand on this subject matter by creating paintings that deal with culture and human relationships in different contexts. Layered imagery in her work nods to the inter-sectional nature of our society, as well as our memory and personal experience. Patricia has moved a lot throughout her life, living in mostly urban areas - the Bay Area, Toronto, Albuquerque, Chicago and Portland. She attended the Ontario College of Art + Design in Toronto 2008 - 2009 and is currently enrolled in the BFA program at PSU. She has shown in many group exhibitions in Portland as well as in Chicago and St Louis. Her work has been featured in Pathos Literary Magazine and Average Art Magazine.


Jay Olinger

"Art is like farts, it just comes out naturally."

  Jay Olinger is an artist-scholar residing in Portland, Oregon. Her work artistic work is broad and experimental, from appropriating Golden Age comic book images to introspective autobiographical comics. When not engaging in artistic endeavors, Jay is the Program Coordinator for Miss Anthology, a comics publication showcasing the work of female and LGBTQIA+ youth in the Pacific Northwest.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 7.45.52 AM.png

Chris Knox

“I get preoccupied with what the story is behind an illustration. These little creatures ask so many questions that when I find out what the answers are, I have to delve in further. The frustrating part is, comics take more time than illustration. I can easily come up with a story for pretty much anything that I draw. I need to carefully choose which stories I want to commit to.”

Archeologists chipped Chris Knox out of a glacier in 1978 and entrusted him to some farm folk in rural Maine, they were good to him.

Then in 2008 Chris moved to Portland, Oregon to attend The Pacific Northwest College of Art.

During his education at PNCA  he supported himself by helping adults with disabilities create art. He acted as curator and helped them put on shows. It was a rewarding experience watching his students discover a love for making art and earn money.

“We have a loving supporting community of outsider art collectors in Portland and we could have never have existed without them.”

Chris appreciates and enjoys a variety of medium including, painting, drawing. sculpture, pottery, video and comics. You will find the use of narrative applied heavily in all of his work. Even a simple sketch can carry with it a rich and  thoughtful story.

Chris has said that he thinks about the ecology of the creatures he draws, and how they fit into their world.


Samuel Fleig

“Enjoy your passions, life will be more full that way.”

Sam is primarily a sculptor and maker born and raised in Portland, OR. Having a background in theatre arts, he is able to sculpt on a bigger scale. Deeply rooted in his love of the Pacific Northwest, he loves to find different ways of combining the natural and industrial. Working with both metal and wood, he strives to convey the message that one cannot be had without the other.


Aaron Michael Emanuel

"Making art usually turns out to be good practice for life"

I think there’s something absolutely magical for an artist who’s able to watch the creation of anything happen in front them. Over the last few years living and working as a tattooer/artist up and down the west coast has really taught me that creating is a collaborative effort. Between you, and the vast flowing energy the universe has to provide


Jess Trottier

"The only unique contribution we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity."

Jess Trottier is a nursing student practicing art in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by her previous education in biology, as well as her current field of mental health, she paints as a means of self-care, but also to inspire others to use art to cope with their struggles and thrive in spite of them. In her work she most enjoys experimenting with both realistic and abstract representations of anatomical forms, using graphite and watercolor.


Holden St.Aubyn

"Boy I sure do looooooooove art"

Holden St.Aubyn is an artist based out of Portland Oregon. His work focuses on finding the beauty of ugly, trying to turn an unforgiving and cold world into something a bit more palatable through intense lines, offensive uses of color, and trace extracts of humor.


Gregory Hammond

"An Artist is someone who let their inner child grow up"

Gregory Hammond, born and raised in Olympia,WA holds a BA  from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA and a Post Baccalaureate Certificate from the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, OR. Gregory has been exhibiting work since 2012 currently maintains a studio practice in Portland, OR where he continues to show and create his sculptures.My sculptures explore how humans react and respond to fear. His sculptures create push and pull at the viewer by mixing attractive and repulsive elements, suspending fear to make room for an objective or disconnected view of one's own fear

lisa lipton.jpg

Lisa Lipton


inmate number 26752-379.

Once upon a time, Lisa went to art school. But she quickly became more focused the capitalist dream and money making, and never thought she’d ever make art again. Until that very pursuit got her federally indicted for mortgage fraud (circa 2008). She was sentenced to 54 months in Federal prison. In 2013, she presented herself to the federal prison in Dublin, California, where they took her into custody and she began serving her sentence. Stripped of everything else, she returned to art, that fleeting interest of her youth. With her femininity and sexuality taken from her, those became recurring themes in her artwork. For nearly four years in that prison, she painted, and through painting, sought sanity.

She was released in March of 2018 as currently lives in Los Angeles, California.


Bryan "Brybox" Flemin

"Art is the ability to warn people of the dangers that the other dimensions pose."

Born in the Arctic wasteland of Alaska, trained by the raven, the bear, the ice. An illustrator, comic artist and poet now residing in the moss-covered forests of the Pacific Northwest. I am fueled by space, by pizza, by imagination.


John Mathew Searing II

“Creating is not only transformative, it is transportive.”

John Searing is a multimedia artist from the Pacific Northwest that draws inspiration from the interaction between art, artist, and viewer.


 Lyndsey Sherman

“Commit to the line!”

Lyndsey is an artist, musician, and music educator based in Portland, OR. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, she was instilled with an appreciation for nature and a love for animals. Creating has been an integral part in her mental health, helping her cope with anxiety and depression.


Henry Robertson

"Art is what gives me the ability to talk about issues and feelings I wouldn't have the courage to do so otherwise."

Born and raised in Oregon recently moved to Portland in 2016 hoping to find more connections in the art world. I'm interested in making art about thoughts, desires, emotions and social issues that are considered social taboos to make them more socially acceptable and begin a discussion about them.


Maria Jean


I am a figurative artist and fashion designer from San Francisco: my artistic work is
often influenced by classical sculpture, comics art, and 1980s stylization, combined to
create a clean and bold hybrid of these inspirations with as little trace of the artist’s
hand as possible, while my work in fashion focuses primarily on employing linear,
streamlined constructions to achieve a subtly dichotomous structured fluidity. My
work in both creative realms glorify the female form.


Julia Alora

"It is easier to be brave when you accept that you cannot move back in to the discarded exoskeletons of your previous selves, and instead take control of the ongoing transformation."

orn in the snowbound wilds of Upstate NY, she was filled with a deep love of nature from the start. While exploring avenues to help this aching world she stumbled into a welding class, dropped her pre-veterinary major, and became a sculptoress. Through animal forms she explores the very traits that make us human while dissolving the idea that we were so very different in the first place.


Una Kim


Una Kim was born and raised in South Korea and immigrated to Los Angeles, California at the age of sixteen. She attended undergraduate school at the University of Southern California and graduate school at the Parsons School of Design, New York, New York She has shown her work nationally and internationally. She has completed two large murals in Portland area. Her late solo exhibitions have been in Gwangju and Daegu in South Korea, and Ningbo, China. She participated in international women’s exhibitions numerous times and latest ones were at the National Museum, Beijing, China and Ho Chi Minh Museum, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

She has curated several well-received shows in Portland and she vigorously promotes the work of women artists from around the world. In Portland she mentors her students by inviting them to shows, as volunteers on public art projects, and hiring them as
assistants for specific projects. She teaches art at PCC and PSU.


Body Academics (Thomas Vidosh, Jeffrey Kieser, Fletcher Shultz, Colin Frey)

""Portland isn’t weird, it’s a goddamn lie.

Body Academics is a music and art collective from Portland. Influenced by a changing city, these pieces are an anxiety filled reaction to the homogenization of our cute lil town.   We don’t have too much time left, so let’s get high and see whats left after we wake up.


Kevin Olson

"...The grand style is that which activates the will." -Martin Heidegger, The Will to Power as an Art.

Kevin Olson is a multifacetid painter, he focuses on finding ways that are harmonious with traditional topics but searches for dynamic ways to make an image. Though not restrained entirely, simplicity and productive paint handling techniques are to be expected through his work.


Elizabeth Babe Bower

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that god damn mountain.” - Jack Kerouac

Babe Bower is a SoCal born artist who now resides in SE Portland. Her best friend, Grandma Charline, taught her the craft of macramé in her youth and she has been carrying on the family legacy ever since. Tying knots keeps her idle hands busy #ADHD


Linneah Hanson

“If you wait around for inspiration to hit you, you’ll never make anything. Own up to the responsibility of making artwork."

Linneah Hanson is a visual artist living and working in Portland Oregon. Her work seeks to capture unique textures and compositions while exploring an underlying theme of personal development, identity, and self-actualization.


Blu Lilith aka Daddy

"Creatives in a world of Consumption are a beautiful force."

With a focus on femme absurd expression, Daddy, or Blu Lilith, is an artist that explores many different creative forms. Born on a farm in Missouri, Daddy moved to St. Louis at the age of seventeen, later starting their career within the creative community of Cherokee Street, then relocating to Portland, Oregon in October, 2017. Having had no artistic inclination before, Daddy bought over two-hundred vintage erotic and lifestyle magazines in July, 2017 and started working with analog collage. After relocating left Daddy without access to their preferred medium they taught themselves digital collage, using an old tablet and a free android app. Recently Daddy has started exploring other forms of expression, favoring street art, zine making, and design-cut wood paintings. In December, 2017 the artist was a victim of two separate sex crimes, leading to attempts to take their own life and homelessness for a very extended period of time. Throughout intense hardship and change the artist continues to create and pursue happiness through artistic outlets. 

  Daddy hopes to learn many different creative mediums and expressions from the diverse people within the local art community, so that they may be able to teach others to create without boundaries. The artist believes that every one can create, but not everyone has access to a community that openly offers support, knowledge, and resources. They hope to do everything they can to change that.


Krystle Rhines aka Krystlesaurus

“Always create art if you love to do it! It doesn't matter if it's good or bad, it matters that you don't give up. “

Krystlesaurus creates a variety of creepy cute creatures with dashes of glitter and gore. She originated from California selling various apparel and accessories with her designs and has since moved to Portland, Oregon and is branching out in the world with more focus on visual art. Some of her favorite artists include Camille Rose Garcia, Mark Ryden, Gary Baseman, Lora Zombie, Shag, Coop, Frank Kozic and Shawn Coss.


Jade Souza


I began painting three years ago as a single mom returning to school. Painting is for me a discipline of healing, reconciliation, sensory exploration, and pushing limitations of the world. Paint is very forgiving. It is a negotiating process. As I develop as a painter, I am engaging my own landscape including my neighborhood, local plants, animals, people, and my inner landscape including the images that I remember or carry. 
I paint on things I find. The fence piece that I used for this painting is from a home that was demolished across the street from me along with three others to build high-end condos. The demolition and construction took two years. I watched it a lot and it impacted my neighborhood a lot and this is one of several paintings that I did related to that.


Joseph Ritch

“We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.” - Bill Hicks

A psychedelic multi-disciplined artist who seeks growth of art in our communities.

Pop-culture inspired with a flair for the dark -- telling tales through mixed-media (music, poetry, painting, etc).

While born in North Carolina and raised on a diet of nonsense, Joseph's path was western bound. At 23 he drove to Portland to expand, free from a forcible east-coast mentality, excited engage in local music and art scenes and collaborate with-in them for expansion of art branching between both coasts while landing on the best coast!


Iris Summy

“I create because I must.”

Although I come from small-town, rural Washington, I grew up with art all around me. I never decided to create art, it's just always been there. The human form has always been attractive to me; the body, the face, they tell a story. Through my art, whether it be graphic, illustrative, or fine, I try to tell these stories as honestly as I can and with respect for the people that hold them.


Nathan Cutrell

"Think for yourself”

Nathan Cutrell is a socially constructed identity, formed in the mind of a human being that is currently inhabiting a flying space rock called Earth.


Nelson Harkrider


Nelson Harkrider engages the environment and pulls context from his surroundings. He prefers non sanctioned public art, above other forms. He is a BFA candidate at Portland State University


Hayley Hinrichs


Hayley Hinrichs is a visual artist in Portland, Oregon. She works in a variety of styles, from highly detailed drawings to abstract and messy paintings. Her work is often informed by her interest in biology, which she has studied equally alongside art. She graduated this last spring from Portland State University with a double major in art practices and biology.


Olivia Kincaid

“ ...I want to redefine what it means to be an artist as an identity. After that I want kids and a house in the middle of nowhere, that’s all I need…”

Olivia Kincaid was born in Las Vegas, Nevada but was raised in Sandy, Oregon. She graduated from the BFA program from Portland State University in 2018. Her work engages with questions surrounding research in visual distortion of authenticity, memory, and identity. Kincaid has done multiple group exhibitions including Vital Signs (AB Gallery, Portland, Oregon) and currently works with KSMOCA in Portland, Oregon. She currently lives in downtown Portland.


Klaus Pinter


Lives and works in Vienna