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About the Super Salon


What is the Super Salon?

Salon style of displaying art Salon style of displaying art is an old tradition where the newest paintings and sculptures created by the artists of Paris would be displayed for all to come see. Every wall would be covered to allow for maximum exposure. For our super Salon art will be hung from floor to ceiling, but we wont stop there. Art will be on the ceiling, on the floor (temporary work), in the windows, and any other surface available. Come be apart of the experience, meet fellow artists, and have something to show on your CV as well.

How do you sign up?

Email us at with with images and titles of of the work you would like to submit. Also include how you found out about the show, your artist statement, CV, and a bit about you and your art making process. You may submit one to three small to medium pieces (though we are open to other ideas you may have).

All submissions must be in be January 20th, and all work must be dropped off by January 26th.

If you would like to help with setting up the show, we would deeply appreciate it. Let us know if and when you would be able to