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Works by Deidra Mcknight

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Deidra Mcknight is a Junior Graphic Design student at Portland State University. In 2017 she completed and passed her Sophomore portfolio review. Although happy about her accomplished Deidra wanted to create things that allowed her to be more free and separate from school. She loves being a designer, but wants to get back in touch with her inner artist. To do this Deidra has been playing with different mediums and subjects in her sketchbook and iPad. She’s found that she loves playing with patterns, colors, and iridescent paints. Deidra wants to share her growth with others in hope that viewers get inspired to create their own content as well.

This is a showing of Deidra’s work which focuses on growing as a designer and artist. Some works are finished pieces other are sketches or works in progress. Many are inspired by life, school, Deidra’s favorite artist, and color. This will be Deidra’s first gallery showing.