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Stress Compulsion by Shannen Muhl

This is the thesis show for our resident artist Shannen Muhl. 

Shannen Muhl is an artist based in Portland Oregon. He strives to find a balance between composition and emotive intuition in his work. While he tends to strongly use his history of depression and anxiety as source content, Shannen also has a strong interest in formalism, exploring technical methods, theories of color, composition, and mediums. He works to utilize the power and aesthetics of form, color, and sound to influence a psychological contemplation from the viewer.

"I'm attempting to create a conversation about the mannerisms and anxieties that are caused from living in a city scape. We cram our selves into smaller and smaller spaces, and expose ourselves to a variety of chaos to live in this environment. I have a love hate relationship with this, and I strive to keep it constant."